Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Experiencing Braxton Hicks Contractions

Whew, time flew so fast indeed... I still have lots of things to be done before I have my due... I wish I could give birth by 19th so that I could still meet my students... However, as of now, this Braxton Hicks contractions really makes me feel like the time is indeed really near... My baby's fetal movement is so severe that I can't help but grin with pain.  Well, I am crossing my fingers for the better things to happen... As the day approaches, a mixture of excitement and fear overwhelms me especially now that I happened to watch a video of a woman giving a natural birth...
Wish I could gain enough strength when that day comes... Oh before I forgot, i need to continue checking my student's blog.. Bye bye for now.. God bless...

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clavs said...

Yah right! braxton hicks contractions! experience nako ana! uncomfortable na jud kaayo atong gibati noh?hehe. sigi lang this will be over soon.
'te clavs

Claire said...

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