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Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Carbs Diet...

I just had my prenatal today and the Doctor was very much surprised with how much I gained weight within just one week... The measurement of my tummy went from 32cm to 36cm. According to the Doctor, the normal increase should be 1cm/week only (and mine was 4cm)... This past Holiday celebration really did a big part on why it did happen to me. I ate lots of sweets and carbs lately (sob... T_T)
taken more than a month ago...
 imagine how big would it be right now
 (can't take a picture on it)

And so, the Doctors advice was to cut carbohydrates on my diet (no more rice and bread) but more on veggies and milk... I still have to exercise a lot as well... If I have to give birth two weeks from now (my EDC is on January 20), I might as well gain more weight which will make it difficult for me to deliver my baby in normal method... (sigh) I don't wanna go through C- Section method...

Discipline.. discipline... more self-discipline T_T

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  1. I have same problem when i am pregnant of my first son. I gained more than 50 pounds and only 30+ pounds loss hehehhe....Visiting...

  2. ahhh enjoy the pregnancy mommy. and congrats,

    btw, i just finished reviewing your site at alexa hope you can find time to review mine too hehe thank you

  3. yup diet lang sis puro citrust and fruit

    followed you here and review your alexa hope you do the same, goodluck

  4. Hi Jackie, Thanks for the visit.

    Btw, yung alexa ko dati na yun maliit, nasa 300+k yun before umakyat and numero. im working on lowering it down, dunno how :)


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