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Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Carbs Diet...

I just had my prenatal today and the Doctor was very much surprised with how much I gained weight within just one week... The measurement of my tummy went from 32cm to 36cm. According to the Doctor, the normal increase should be 1cm/week only (and mine was 4cm)... This past Holiday celebration really did a big part on why it did happen to me. I ate lots of sweets and carbs lately (sob... T_T)
taken more than a month ago...
 imagine how big would it be right now
 (can't take a picture on it)

And so, the Doctors advice was to cut carbohydrates on my diet (no more rice and bread) but more on veggies and milk... I still have to exercise a lot as well... If I have to give birth two weeks from now (my EDC is on January 20), I might as well gain more weight which will make it difficult for me to deliver my baby in normal method... (sigh) I don't wanna go through C- Section method...

Discipline.. discipline... more self-discipline T_T

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