Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Headlines Today

'Pablo Deaths Reach 647, Close to 900 Still Missing'

While most people can't still get over with Pacman's defeat, some of our brethren are suffering from death of love ones, while others are still missing. The mortality rate goes higher each day, just imagine if all those 900 missing will not able to make it (God forbid!), those people need more of our attention than the time we spent in pondering why Pacman lost the fight.

In New Bataan, people are craving for food. Some were forced to steal just to survive. Some families decided to vacate the place and start life anew in another places. What the people need right now are beyond relief goods, they need all-out support from the government. If Kagay-anons were able to survive from the devastating damages brought by Typhoon Sendong, I also believe that people from Southern Mindanao who were greatly affected by Typhoon Pablo will also get through it.

Care to help?

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Pacman's Loss: A Religion Factor?

Yes it is true that the loss of Pacman against Juan Manuel Marquez is quite disheartening but that's part of the game! But what's so devastating is the mixed reaction that people have shared about PacMan's fateful loss. Most people blamed it to Pacman's change of religion. Toink! It was told that since Pacman left the Catholic doctrines and embraced his current religion, misfortune went along with him. First, with Timothy Bradley, and now with Juan Manuel Marquez. One commenter said that "because he stop making a sign of the cross before each game thus he lost the game" IS THAT SO?

If we are to compare Pacman's life before and now, people might reconsider how he dealt with his life as  a family man. News about other women are gone. Jinkee is much happier with the changes of his husband now. What's more? He has more time in studying God's Words, yet people took it negatively. And I believe that God has a message for Pacman with what had happened. Maybe God wants Pacman to surrender his boxing career. Why? Because, unknowingly, he became an instrument to people's greed for money. Millions of money were spent for gambling. Every time Pacman was scheduled to have a fight which often falls on Sunday, people can be seen on theaters than on church.  Some people adored him, idolized him and we all know that IDOLATRY is against the will of God. 

I was also upset with how the media proliferate the issue of religion. One major TV network even came to a point of inviting Mommy D for an interview just to feed the shallow minded people whom until now cannot still accept PacMan's defeat and blamed it all with his religion. Manny was clear when he told his Mom that such issues should be dealt with privately, not in front of the national television, yet the anchor man continue his interview with Mommy D. Invasion of privacy? 

PacMan lost the game. It's a given fact. But can we just learn to accept it as it is? I just hope that Manny will not give in to his promoter's lure to take another rematch with Marquez. Enough is enough. PacMan is still the People's Champ, can we not just give credit to all the honor that he brought to our country. Can we not just respect his decisions and above all, his new found religion?

What profits a man if he gains the whole world yet losses his own soul? 

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