Monday, September 16, 2013

Reminders from Globe

I got a call from a very unfamiliar number that starts with number 2. At first I was hesitant to receive the call considering that its number is not on my list. Eventually I answered it after its third attempt. It was from GLOBE. The caller representative of GLOBE reminded me of my unpaid dues LOL! Now I realized I need to organize a lot of things like our monthly payable. I should have a complete list of things to be paid for every month. Good thing Globe didn't impose penalty for delayed payments. Gee.... When I went to Globe later this morning, it was a long wait and their Wi-fi didn't work, but still I have to wait patiently otherwise my account will be blocked.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

How Often Do You talk To Your God?

Me, almost everyday. However, such talk isn't all about giving God thanks and praises He deserves. It's more on complains, regrets and bitterness in life. As if I was putting all the blame to God. I don't know why am I so like this lately. I am so bitter, easily get irritated, so many complains and regrets. Then I realized, I missed talking to God as in "real talk". The kind that we used to do. I miss praising Him, reading His Words and pondering over it. All I can hear now is myself talking nonsense. I made God as just a 'mere' listener. What a shame on me!

This morning's Praise and Worship was a heart trembling experience. Crying out before God acknowledging your vulnerability when being apart from Him. Oh God am so sorry for being so mean... Thanks for holding on, thanks for your unfailing and unconditional love.

♫ You are the love of my life... You are the HOPE that I cling to... You mean more than this world to me....

I am so sorry Lord for my indifference.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Online Degree for Millitary Spouses

Which career is best for me?

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Earning a degree is very important not only for career building purposes, but for self-boost improvement as well. It's a different feeling if you obtain a degree in the field where you think you will really excel. However, not all individuals got the chance to pursue their studies though the means is available. Just like what the infographic above have indicated, there are lots of available scholarships for military spouses that goes unclaimed. One of the reasons maybe why the beneficiaries were not able to enjoy the said scholarships was busy schedule. There are also stay-at-home spouses who cannot make it because their hands were already full with the house chores and when they are done, they do not have energy left to go to school. However, cases like this have a definite solutions. As we all know there are educational courses being offered online. They offer flexible schedules thus obtaining an online degree is not impossible anymore. 


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Post- Birthday Celebration @ Shakey's

I was very sick on my 32nd birthday. I got fever, and body pains all-over. There's no celebration at all. Since I got married, birthday celebration is no longer a priority, just thankful that God still allows me to live. And because I was sick, I didn't attend to my class. The next day, I already reported to school though am not that okay yet. A colleague of mine suggested for some food trip with our department chair and another colleague. We all agreed to try the newly opened Shakey's Pizza Parlor. What we have ordered was a group meal good for 5-6 persons consisting of pepperoni pizza, pasta, chicken, garlic bread and mojo! Though it's not really meant to be a post-birthday celebration, but I considered it as such LOL!



Oops, all the photos above were just taken from their website. I wasn't able to capture our actual orders LOL! But basically, these are what we enjoyed to consume heartily!

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Blah Blah

Life is what you made it. SO TRUE!

I can't imagine how dumb sometimes a person could be. Those people who wanted more, received less. It's up to you how would you relate it to yourself if you could. We might consider it a real blessings if we will receive something (not necessarily material things) beyond our expectations. But imagine how disgusting would it be if you get something worst than anything you could think of... much more if you have to accept that "something" until your last breath.

AND what could be more disgusting if all this these things is happening to you?

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's Your Insights?

NOTE: This is exclusive for my EdTech students only.

Write your insights about the following topics (One post for each topic):

  1. Absenteeism- how does it affect the student's learning. How to deal students with excessive absences.
  2.  Cheating- As future teachers, what do you think are the measures to use in order to minimize the case of cheating.
  3. Unruly Behavior- giving corporal punishment to unmanageable students is a big no-no for teachers, what are the other ways to tame such kind of students?
  4. Student-Teacher Relationship- elaborate this topic.
  5. Suggest one classroom policy that haven't existed yet which you think will help both teachers and students in the learning process.
Avoid copying from other existing articles. Those who will be caught will automatically get a failing grade.When you are done, open this LINK and provide the necessary details then comment "DONE" on this post.

Deadline: September 30, 2013

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