Friday, August 11, 2017

How To Analyze Light In Photos: Portrait Photography!

I'm struggling with this for real! Need to learn it this time!

Seeking Your Spiritual Side

If you've reached a point in your life when you just aren't sure which direction to turn, then consider spiritual guidance. When you reach out to a higher power, it can sometimes help calm the body and the mind. There are a few tips to keep in mind so that you receive the most benefits from the guidance that you receive. This type of guidance offers a way for you to shed the things in life that you're doing wrong while discovering an inner awakening. It can lead to a life that is free of anxiety and fear. 

One way that you can grow spiritually is to read books. There are numerous spiritual books that are uplifting and that can give you the guidance that you need on your schedule. You can read a few chapters a day or even read a few verses in the Bible if you're looking for a voice from a higher being. Another way to relax the mind so that the words that you read and hear can be absorbed is to meditate. About 15 minutes is an adequate length of time to spend listening to soothing music or to spend sitting in a quiet room of the home. 

When you can see that you're a spirit with a physical body, then you can begin to change your attitude toward some of the things that you experience in life. You'll begin to look at relationships and minor situations in a way that doesn't play as harshly on the mind. When you seek guidance, you're able to look inside yourself to determine who you really are compared to the person who you think that you are or who others have declared you to be in life. You can start living in a manner that is freeing and that you enjoy. Your happiness can be explored instead of abiding by what others ask you to do or following what others are doing. Approach situations in a positive manner. Avoid thinking negatively about issues in life as this can impact the mind in numerous ways as well as the body. 

Photo Editing 101: How to Photograph a Motion Blur Portrait

This is something I need to look forward to- learning by watching....

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Advice for Getting Your Family Through a Divorce

When a marriage ends, it’s like a death in the family. Though you may still care for your spouse, the love you once shared and the dynamics of your household have now changed forever. Not only will you be dealing with your own emotions of this process, in many cases, you’ll be guiding your family through it as well. For those with children, divorce is especially hard on children which is why it is important to take it one step at a time. Below, is some advice on how to get through a divorce: 

1. Allow Yourself to Grieve
Though you’re expected to help your children adjust to the new normal and deal with their emotions from the divorce, you cannot do this if you’re holding in your own emotions. It is imperative, therefore, to allow yourself time to grieve. Cry, pray, do whatever you feel necessary to sort through your emotions. If necessary, seek the help of a therapist to find ways to cope on a daily basis. 

2. Hire a Family Attorney
Divorces can get really nasty and really legal – fast. You can relieve a lot of the emotional stress you’d go through by hiring a family attorney to help you through the process. Whether you were married in Illinois and need a lake county family attorney or you were married in California and need an orange county attorney you’ll need to hire an attorney in the state you were married in to file for a divorce. They can help you sort through the legal stuff while you focus on rebuilding emotionally and supporting your family. 

3. Communicate Often
You may believe your children don’t notice or don’t care about the divorce, but they do. What they once knew is now changing. It is important that you talk with your children about their feelings. Reinforce how much both parents love them, and even explain how you’re going to make sure you’re both in their lives. This can help to ease the pain. It may be beneficial to get therapy for your children as well. 

Parents screaming at each otherMoving on from a divorce will have its ups and downs, but you can get through it. You will need to first focus on your mental health as you rebuild your life and support your children through this ordeal. Remember, hiring professionals like family attorneys to sort through the stressful legal stuff and therapists to help with your emotions will also help you and your family get through to brighter days. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Detrimental Effect of Stress

How to combat stress? This is a one million dollar question that until now still remains a question.
You can actually Google it and you will get multiple results. However, regardless of multiple tips on how to combat stress, we can still hear some cases of suicide caused by overwhelming stress. It's alarming actually because both young and old were affected. Some stress leads to severe depression causing the victim  to take  his own life. 
Stress- so destructive when taken for granted. Any sign and symptom of stress should be addressed immediately.
Lastly, the best way to combat stress is to entrust everything  to God all our burdens in life. 
Are you having a stressful week? Look up!

In Our Brokenness

We all experienced failure. We all went through some sort of a trials. But when you tried to look back and think about it, we are usually amazed of how  were able  to surpass it. Well, it's not actually because of our own doing, rather, it's all because of God's faithfulness in our lives. Yes, it's ALL because of Him. 
Can we pause for a moment and thank God for that through a  prayer of gratitude?

God bless you beautiful soul.

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