Thursday, April 29, 2021

A Decade and More

I posted this yesterday on my FB Wall:

Yes, we just celebrated our 10th year Wedding Anniversary yesterday. I am very vocal when it comes to my feelings and opinion. I speak what's on my mind and what I wrote on my wall is absolutely true! If I have to assess our marriage, it is very far from perfect. That reality versus expectation scheme did really happen to me. I expected a lot from my husband when we are still not married but things didn't go as I thought. However, that was just from an idealistic persona of me. I do love him and it takes authentic patience to accept the whole of him. But he is not bad, he just doesn't meet my expectations. 

On the other note, I realized as well, am I perfect for him? Did I also meet his expectations of me? If we based our relationship on each other's expectations then maybe, just maybe, 10 years is too long for both of us. The truth is, we're both imperfect. Our zodiac even tells us that our compatibility is up to 15% only. Funny, but the good thing is that we don't rely on the zodiac or any astrological predictions. we based our marriage relationship on God's will on His perfect plan for both of us. We are like two individuals with different views in life, but somehow we complement each other. He is actually the exact opposite of me. But Science proves that opposite poles attract each other. But seriously, we both believe that God destined us for each other.

Anyway, thanks for cheering with us to forever!


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Living in Uncertainties

Everyday is a miracle, I should say. With the increasing cases of COVID 19 infection in our locality, life becomes uncertain that is why I am thankful to God for the day that me and my family is spared from it. My heart goes to those who were in the hospitals struggling to fight the virus as well as for their families. My Mom and brother in-law who are currently residing in Iowa, USA were once infected but I'm thankful to God that there is no complication. 

The only way to prevent ourselves from infection is by taking good care of ourselves and following the protocols mandated by our government agencies. For a working Mom like me, it is really very difficult to maintain social distancing though I'm on mask most of the time. Past few weeks ago my asthma was triggered thus I'm into hard cough, runny nose and headache for more than a week, good thing I can still smell and taste. But during that time I was totally panicking, fearing that I I might have the virus and I'm with my kids and family. I've reassured myself by conditioning my mind that it was just my asthma hitting me again. And yes, it really was coz by now I'm already okay.

Panicking is a normal reaction but our instinct must be stronger than our emotion.

Living in uncertainties? Trust God then your instinct.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, April 23, 2021

To All Those Who Grew In a Not So Complete Family

Family is life, having both parents upon growing up is life!

Well, I honestly admired all husbands who stand by their wives through thick and thin. And a hand salute to all the wives who remain faithful to their husbands amidst adversaries that their family life has encountered.

The common reason why family falls apart or why marriages have shattered is because of infidelity. Me, being a product of a broken family knows how it feels to have a shattered home. I know how it felt to grow up without a father, and believe me it's not really easy.

The sad thing about having a broken family is that not all kids have the same way of coping with the situation. Not all kids have the courage to accept the fact positively. There are those who became lost and became a problem themselves. I have seen a lot of young ones slowly ruining their lives believing that their life is already trash after all and there is no future waiting for them. As a teacher, it becomes a burden to me. I wish I could explain to them that there is still a brighter future waiting for them if they won't allow their situation to overwhelm them. However, I cannot just control their actions as well as their perspective in life. There are those who tried to but still fail because they have less or no parental support. My heart truly bleeds for them.

I wish to convey this message to my fellow parents out there, especially to those mothers like me. If you think your marriage is in doom, and no means left to aid the situation and you thought of ending the relationship- please make sure that you don't abandon your responsibility as a mother. Do not neglect your duty as a parent. Explain to your children why there is a need to end the relationship because even the kids can feel the toxicity and eventually will understand your decision. But never ever abandon them for another man to be with, that is totally a horrible decision. 

Our situations may vary but we could come up with the same solution- holding on to our role as a parent. Our children don't necessarily have to become a casualty of our failed marriages, they should not suffer because we made the bad decision. Let's not add insult to injury. Let us be sensible enough no matter what.

Bottom line, let our conscience, our common sense, and our faith in God be our ultimate guide in rearing our children.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Community Pantry- A Violation to the IATF Protocol?

The Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) never failed to remind us about the protocols that we must all follow in order to minimize the cases of COVID 19 infections. Social distancing, wearing of mask and face shield should be strictly followed. However, with the normal operation of malls and other establishments right now, keeping the social distancing protocol become a real challenge, much more with the "Community Pantry" that became trending nowadays.

Personally, I have nothing against Community Pantry because it revives the Bayanihan Spirit of every Filipino. However, if the crowd cannot be controlled anymore, that is where the problem might start. But with proper coordination of the organizer, maybe the situation can be regulated.

It just need a little understanding and greater discipline among the benificiaries.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Stay Positive

Yes, indeed! Stay positive, not with COVID 19 but with our perspective in life. Honestly, it's quite difficult to live calmly when you know that there's an ongoing threat around us like an enemy who's gonna attack us anytime they want it. Most of us right now are living in fear, in anxiety, and in confusion as to what awaits our future with this global pandemic. Though things seem lighter than before with most of those establishments going back to business, obviously not because it's safer but because our economy is so down already, still, the COVID threat is stopping us to live our life the way it should be. 

Personally, as a teacher, I never felt as drained as what I'm feeling right now with all those pile of works, paperworks, that tries to prove that yes we're still doing our job amidst pandemic. My kids back home misses going to school. My daughter even told me that she's playing a "pretending I'm in school" game and I just let her be because I, as a mother, understood the boredom that they have to go through. Just imagine they are not allowed to go out or go to the malls. I'm just glad we could still go to the church then some beaches because that's there only means of outdoor getaway. It's more than a year already so no wonder heartbreaking news of suicides can still be heard on the radio or TV news. People with less support from others will likely to commit such painful act maybe because they could not contain the depression and the changes that they have to overcome.

That is why it is really so important to stay positive, to view life as precious up to the last breath. We cannot change the situation but we can choose our reaction towards the situation. Moreover, when things seems so low, LOOK UP. Let us draw our strength from the Almighty.

God bless everyone!

Sunday, April 18, 2021

How to Live our Life to the Fullest?

This is one of the most often asked question and yet some could still not comprehend the meaning of this cliché.

To some, having everything you need and want in life is a guarantee that you could really live your life to the fullest! Well, I beg to disagree because there are those who have less in life yet was able to make a great impact to the universe, if I may exaggerate.

Living life to the fullest does not depend solely on your possessions, it's more on your position in life- not the literal one but much deeper than what we think. When I say position it means differently.

Position of your priorities. Are you on the right track? Are your priorities carefully planned by you or you're just among those who live in "come what may" mindset?

Position of your giftings or your talents. What did you do about your talents? Are you making use of them for others or you just keep it to yourself? 

Position of your attitude- or most likely, position of your heart. Is your heart okay. There might be some negativity that's trying to pull you down. Are you holding grudges against someone? Are you having inferiority complex? Insecurities? Our emotion plays a vital role in our daily existence. What we feel often resonates with how we behave and how we treat others.

We cannot live our Life to the fullest when we do not reconcile with our very own self. When we could not overcome our shortcomings, and when we could not ease up the burdens in our heart. 

Dealing lots of life's issues? Look up and cast all your burdens to God.

 Be blessed.

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