Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Stay Positive

Yes, indeed! Stay positive, not with COVID 19 but with our perspective in life. Honestly, it's quite difficult to live calmly when you know that there's an ongoing threat around us like an enemy who's gonna attack us anytime they want it. Most of us right now are living in fear, in anxiety, and in confusion as to what awaits our future with this global pandemic. Though things seem lighter than before with most of those establishments going back to business, obviously not because it's safer but because our economy is so down already, still, the COVID threat is stopping us to live our life the way it should be. 

Personally, as a teacher, I never felt as drained as what I'm feeling right now with all those pile of works, paperworks, that tries to prove that yes we're still doing our job amidst pandemic. My kids back home misses going to school. My daughter even told me that she's playing a "pretending I'm in school" game and I just let her be because I, as a mother, understood the boredom that they have to go through. Just imagine they are not allowed to go out or go to the malls. I'm just glad we could still go to the church then some beaches because that's there only means of outdoor getaway. It's more than a year already so no wonder heartbreaking news of suicides can still be heard on the radio or TV news. People with less support from others will likely to commit such painful act maybe because they could not contain the depression and the changes that they have to overcome.

That is why it is really so important to stay positive, to view life as precious up to the last breath. We cannot change the situation but we can choose our reaction towards the situation. Moreover, when things seems so low, LOOK UP. Let us draw our strength from the Almighty.

God bless everyone!

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