Saturday, April 17, 2021

My Journey as a Blogger

    Dominant as I am, I always speak what's on my mind. Perhaps, being a teacher also influence the way I express myself. My hubby always relies on me when it comes to decision-making because according to him, I am more practical compared to him. Well, he is absolutely right. In our school, I also have an influence when it comes to decision making as to what's good and what's not to purchase. Influencing others with what you believe is a real challenge for a typical blogger like me. This is what prompts me to create a blog way back in 2008.  

    For more than a decade of blogging, I am truly overwhelmed with how I was able to influence others. As a Mom blogger, I am fond of blogging about family issues, family concerns, parenting, and the like. I love to share what I found to be worth sharing when it comes to child-rearing. My experience also taught me a lot of things that is why I am confident enough on what to share on my blog. Indeed, blogging becomes an outlet for me when I want to address my thoughts to a bigger audience. Blogging also taught me to write things that bother me or excites me! What excites me the most is when I am getting feedback, comments from my readers. I also get the chance to meet my fellow bloggers and befriend them and was able to join a blogging community who are willing to support one another by giving helpful ideas about blogging especially for an ordinary blogger like me. I may not be a famous blogger but at least I am able to share my thoughts with the world.

    When I got married barely 10 years ago, the first two years were what I could consider as the peak of my blogging career with so many opportunities coming from different sponsors. Indeed, blogging at that time became a good source of income. I was able to pay rent and buy groceries. However, during my second pregnancy which was eight months after I had my first child, I barely got opportunities because I seldom update my blog. From three blog accounts, I gave up my two other blogs because I cannot manage them anymore due to my motherhood roles while working at the same time. Then I was assigned to teach Educational Technology among students taking up Education. My passion for blogging was revived thus I inspired and encouraged my students to create their own blog too. It was a great fulfillment for me to see some of my students pursuing blogs and having them among my followers. I even have one student who was really very good at writing which remains a blogger up to now. I felt so rewarded when they sent me messages retelling the good experiences they enjoyed upon blogging.
    Right now, I am slowly encouraging myself to go back to my first love, which is writing. And I am all the more encourage to blog because of some opportunities which I could consider as a real blessing for me. Before I used to have one sponsor that gave me at least three per month opportunities before but since the pandemic started, it was stopped and I could never blame them. I am just so glad that I stumbled upon the work of Lindsay Detwiler, the famous blogger, and I was totally inspired by her passion as a blogger. Her work influenced me to push further and rekindle my passion for writing. Indeed, she is a very effective influencer for giving me such inspiration. Now I have all the reasons to revive my blog and have my ideas be shared with the whole world!

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