Saturday, April 10, 2021

How Exhausting Co-dependency Could Be

Before, I thought life would be a whole lot easier if you have somebody to lean on or it would be nice and rewarding feeling if somebody depended on you that much. But that was actually before.

I can see home shattered because one felt so exhausted being the sole breadwinner of a bigger family. I can see friendship shattered because one friend is too co-dependent to the other.

It is not really bad if you have someone to depend on in times of need or somebody depended on you when they are in need. But what is unbearable is if that someone doesn't know how to take responsibility to himself as well as to others. If that someone don't value "shared-responsibility" and instead became a burden to others, that's what make things or the situation bad. If the person become selfish and to self-centered, that's where and how the conflict will start.

So as an individual, we should have our stand. We should have learned the value of sensitivity, looking after the other and not just minding ourself.

That is also called, COMMON SENSE.

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