Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TCP- Inkheart

I got hold of this very thick book (in paperback)by the Author Cornelia Funke. This is one of her best-selling children's novel that comes to vivid life on the big screen with this family-friendly tale about a bookbinder (portrayed by Brendan Fraser) whose storytelling skills possess the curious power to transport the characters he speaks about into the real world. When a nefarious villain from a bedtime story that the father is currently reading to his daughter emerges to kidnap the stunned storyteller, it's up to the young girl and her adventurous friends -- both real and imaginary -- to bring dad back home and close the book on the dreaded fiend once and for all. The characters are very weird even their names like Dustfinger, Fenoglio and Capricorn with their very distinctive portrayal... Got to love it... I wasn't able to finish reading the book but I'm still looking forward when I'm no longer busy...

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kamz said...

a very interesting movie. intriguing... i guess when it comes to this genre, children's fantasy books are the best sources. all kinds of characters imaginable can be found there! i love the preview... i might as well watch the entire movie.

thanks for sharing this week jackie. next week, we will feature urban legend films. happy tcp!

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