Thursday, October 1, 2009

This will Surely Hit...

I registered two of my blogs to LinkFromblog and unbelievably it was approved in less than 24 hours! They're paying at a maximum amount for signing up depending on your blog popularity... I admit I'm just a newbie to blogging and was really trying hard to improve it and yet they approved it at quite minimal amount for each blog which for me is good enough for a newbie like me! The good thing here is that, the site promises you with really something that are true and reliable! They do not give you false hopes like others did... They always meant what they say... What's more amazing was that they have an immediate replies to all your inquiries! Just send them a message and expect for a response in less than 24 hours.. the people behind it were really doing their job well... Hmm i've got now more reasons to pay attention to my blogging career,gets a lot of fun and perhaps, earned a lot!
This will surely hit!
Oh, by the way, before I forget, this site is not only meant for BLOGGERS, this was also tailored for blog advertising! So calling all the Advertisers out there, invest your money for this kind of site!
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