Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Music for Life

Music has already been a part of me since my younger years. I may not have my own album but I have my own composition! In fact I love to write a song, that’s one of my passions aside from art. I love that soulful type of music. If I’ll be given an option on what to bring if I’ll be deserted in an island, definitely it would be my mp3 player loaded with my favorite songs. Wow, undeniably I can live alone with music. I am not into rap or noisy type of music, they are just a plain sound for me, and apparently I don’t consider it as music at all. Number one on my play lists are those songs that somehow can inspire me to go on with my life no matter what. I love gospel songs or those that are inspirational. I love my collections from Hillsongs Australia, they are not only uplifting but soul soothing as well. Whenever I hear any of their songs, I am always reminded of how faithful and loving our God is to us despite all our shortcomings. I always see to it that I have a copy of the lyrics of their songs. Of course, I’m not bothered because the internet is always of help to me on my research. It’s not difficult to find a particular song or a lyric with the help of so many search engines and one of this is the Queen Torrent search engine. Like any other search engines, we’ll just simply type the keywords such as music torrents and there you go with the results. Or if you want it to be more specific you may type Hillsong Austrailia and you will be prompted with so many downloadable options that you can choose.

 I am not updated to the latest track because most of them don’t make sense at all. I just don’t know what comes onto their mind why they opt to produce songs that has no meaning and will not create even just a little impact to the society; well that’s their freedom of expression. As for me, music will continue to inspire me as long as I live.

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