Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WFW: Unlicall 24/7

Dial your heart and connect to God for free!SUPER UNLIMITED CALL... NO EXPIRY!

Head to Lorie for more of WFW
God bless

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Denise said...

Terrific WFW.

lori said...

HA! Fantastic! I love it! Simply LOVE it!

Smiling and thinking! Have a wonderful day!


My Memories and Crystals said...

what a great verse, it is. A blessed day!

Lauren said...

super cute!!! I love it! :)

Cathy said...

Very cute, and a great verse ~

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love that! Makes me think of Jer. 33:3 or Ps. 91:1.

Susan said...

Calling on the name of the LORD!!

This was great...

Have a blessed WFW♥

ozjane said...

How often in our lives.....I think especially when we are younger it is far easier to reach for the phone and talk than bend to our knees and pray.

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God bless

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