Monday, December 12, 2011

11th Commandments: Thou Shall Not Provoke Anyone...

I've been struggling for years on how to overcome my emotion when I am provoked. Most often, I uttered words which I would regret afterwards... I tried to justify my action by thinking logically or practically. Nevertheless, I still get to hurt someone else' feelings after what I have done. I admit, I easily lose my temper. But this will not happen only if I am not provoked to have such feelings. I tried to be patient as much as possible but there are just some people who really tried your patience harder and before you knew it, you have already exploded to the extreme. We should somehow consider all our actions in a way or manner that we cannot provoke other people. There are things that can be settled immediately without necessarily going through that heated conversation or arguments. Insensitivity is one of the leading causes of factions. People who are unmindful, prideful, selfish and those who will only accept orders from the bosses are the same people who will likely cause misunderstanding among an organization. Sad to say, they too can cause others to succumb in extreme anger. Such attitude becomes a threat to an organization. Cooperation should be the main focus of every members of the group and not selfishness, so to speak.

If we used to believe in the Ten Commandments, then it's time to add one for all of us to remember:

11th Commandments:
Thou shall not provoke anyone to commit undesirable temper.

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