Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Showing Love On Christmas

(For my fellow Kagay-anons who survived the Tropical Storm Sendong)

Lately, I find it quite tasking to gather all my thoughts and share all my ideas here on my blog. I was completely blank then. Good thing there are those memes who could help me get my blog alive. With the tragic happenings that my city faced lately, it seems like all my energy and effort were also consumed. But then, it shouldn't be that way. Life must go on after all.

Last Saturday, it seems like it was just an ordinary day. All my families were gathered together to celebrate. I got a call from my sister abroad. I wasn't able to wake up at exactly 12 midnight. It was past 1AM when me and Hubby woke up. On the radio and television news, the updates about the missing people and the dead bodies being found were still on the headlines. Relief goods and cash donations still keep on coming. You can also hear a bad news of few evacuees who died during Christmas because they cannot bear the pain anymore with the situation...

We used to view Christmas where everybody should be happy and merry. We used to view it as the only season (aside from our birthday) that we could receive a lot of gifts and blessings from our friends and families. We missed  to realize that Christmas is not all about us. It's about Jesus Christ and the reason why He came into this world more than 2,000 years ago. However, we used to miss the real meaning of Christmas. We are too focused with ourselves that when the tragic night did came and surprised us, we were caught unaware and unprepared. This is the reality that we often missed. Just like a thief, accident and death will come beyond our expectation.

Blessings in disguise, that accident brought people to come together in unison to extend help and be of an encouragement to those who were affected. Even some personalities were spending their Christmas not with their own family but with the victims at the Evacuation Center. The aftermath caused other brethren here and abroad to  share their blessings. The spirit of cooperation and concern were evident. All I could hope for is that no individuals like showbiz personalities and politicians will take advantage of the situation. May the help they were able to extend is 

Showing love on Christmas doesn't really require us much of our resources other than our time and concern for our less fortunate brethren who lost almost everything. Let us continue to pray that God will restore what were lost.

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