Monday, December 19, 2011

Who Would Like To Party....

...after the tragedy? 

Words are not enough to console those who lost not only their belongings but also their love ones. Tropical Storm Sendong's wrath leaves Kagay-anons in total mess. There are still lots of people who are missing, some dead bodies remain unclaimed. It is so difficult to have this kind of burden, seeing those who were severely affected became so helpless. I wasn't able to roam around the city but by merely hearing and watching the news, you will really felt for those brethren who is in total agony. We are slightly affected too but the things that I felt that night was way too far compared to those who were living near the river, whose house were being washed out by the flash floods.Indeed it is so difficult to describe the whole scenario. People were wailing,calling for their love ones, desperately seeking for help. It is hard to imagine enduring such situation in the wee hour of the morning where there is a total power failure. Some were caught unaware, really unprepared. Nobody expected it to happen, or if they did, nobody thought it would be that worst. Among those who were casualties are children, pregnant women, old ones. Cars were totally wrecked, overturned, and washed away from the owner's residences. Animals were not even spared.

I commend for those concerned citizen who extended their time and effort to help. Also for those City officials who were truly sincere with their eagerness to help... I just hope that those politicians who were trying to ride into the situation for their political will and hidden agenda be enlightened enough. I can name a few who is trying to make a name in exchange of their "heartfelt" donations. God knows the motives of your heart, you cannot fool Him. My salute to the Vice- President of the Philippines whose humble presence was not smeared with any political hidden agenda. You can really felt his sincerity and concern for the victims.

For those businessmen engaging in water refilling business, it is such a sad scenario that some of them are making business beyond the normal situation (a refill with a price double than the suggested retail price). I just hope they can empathize with those victims instead of choking them to the extent. There is a water scarcity in the entire city. People are squeezing their resources just to get safe drinking water. Indeed, businessmen applied the law of supply and demands, wherein if the demands are high but the supplies are low, the price will surely go higher. But there should be an exemption to this- hope they can realize it.

Christmas is barely one week from now. I do not know how those victims were able to celebrate it. Will they have it at the evacuation center or will they able to get a shelter of their own by that time? It is hard to share to them that Christmas is not all about what we have, it's not all about us, it's about the One who were sent to save us.It is all about Jesus Christ. Maybe only few will be able to understand it especially that they are such in  a horrible situation. This 28th of December, we are supposedly be celebrating a Christmas Party in our office but we changed our mind. We just cannot afford to have fun while others are in a helpless situation. 

Just like Job who experienced more than the current situation that we have felt right now, I know from deep within that God allow things to happen for a reason. May we not lose that faith. No matter how painful our situation might be right now, let's hang on to the truth that God is still in total control.

God bless everyone.

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