Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dangling Ideas, Random Thoughts

I admit, I am a Mom with a hint of fashion sense but not at all times. There are days when I love wearing dangling accessories, but most of the time I just wear my favorite vintage watch and that's all. When I was still single,I spent an ample amount of time in fixing myself before going to my destination. But those days were gone.

If there are dangling accessories, there are also dangling ideas. These are ideas that just pop into your mind but won't linger. I have so many dangling or random ideas in my mind that can be a good subject to blog yet because I neglected to wrote it down, it simply vanish. I am always like that. Ideas keep pouring in but I was unable to express it. Just like the other day, I have a conversation with my hubby then suddenly an idea came in. However, it disappear as fast as it came. Another lesson for me.

There are lots of topic like current events that we can blog about however, any topic that is extracted from random thoughts can be juicier.

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