Friday, March 28, 2014

Tape on the Floor

If you have ever wanted to mark off certain areas in the work place or even at home in the garage, then consider DuraStripe X-Treme tape. The tape comes in various colors to make it easier to divide areas into specific categories or locations. One of the best things about using the tape in a work place is that it can be placed on almost any kind of floor. Flooring doesn’t have to be level in order to lay the tape down. You can easily place the tape, and if it needs to be moved later on, all you have to do is pull it up to place it in a different position.

When you put the tape on the floor, you don’t have to worry about how hard it is to keep clean, the protectant coating makes it easy to sweep over the tape and even use a damp mop to clean the surface. This is an ideal product for dividing areas in the building where people should, or should not, walk. It can also be used to divide the work area into specific departments such as manufacturing or safety. The bright colors stand out on the floor so that employees can easily see the tape.

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