Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Scrap Book: A Work In Progress

One of my favorite past time is making a scrap book. It is through this activity that I can showcase my creativity. I love to sketch, doodle, make a collage and most of all cut letters and photos. I want my scrap book to be personalized as much as possible so I only uses my own pictures. Right now, I am still working on my family scrap book. Actually, I started doing it two years ago. Most of the contents there are all about me and my hubby and our wedding memorabilia. Since we already have two babies, I plan to include them to make it a family portfolio. 

a page on my scrap book
In making  a scrap book, it may involve a lot of printing activities. Like in my cases, most of our family pictures are saved on my social media account and I don't have a had copy of it. I have known that there are online sites that cater local printing which will lighten up my load in printing concerns. Making scrap book is a lot of fun. However, I am the moody type and I can only work on my scrap book when I am in the mood that is why until now it is still a work in progress. How I wish I could finish it so I could start a new one featuring the progress and development of my babies.

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