Sunday, January 17, 2010

Invest Your Memories, Trust Only the Best

Video coverage is the best way to treasure the most important events of our lives. We, Filipinos, are very particular of this. Be it a birthday party, dedication, promotions, anniversary and wedding events! These are just among those events that we have to reminisce. We are fortunate enough that today, videos can easily be captured and edited. We have an analog video camera at home but we still have to convert it. Sometimes also if we just take the video on our own, chances are it will not have a very good result.
It is worth the cost if we will entrust the video coverage to a professional videographer.Buddy Gancenia is one of the best corporate, events, wedding videographer in the Philippines He is a highly experienced Producer, Videographer and Editor, with 15 years of service to the country's top television networks. He is the Sr. Video Editor in the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation and Sr. Line Producer-Director for Negosiyete and Agrisiyete, which both aired on GMA Channel 7. He won the Grand Prize in the 1st Sony Wedding Video Competition 2007. With those facts alone, you can really have the assurance that with them, your video is worth cherished and keeping for. I’ve seen one of his numerous wedding video masterpieces.

It is really very well-done. Their wedding video is indeed worth the price and the trust. How I wish I can avail their package when the most important event of my life like this will come. They also caters corporate videos for company promotion which will surely gain popularity and success.                    

Visit his website and see for yourself how your video investment can turn into a lasting memories.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Philippians 4:13

wee... it's mid-month already and yet my goal which is to have at least 25 post/ month seems too good to be true... I need to work triple time to achieve it.. i just need a free schedules.. wooh! i'm getting there i know... Press on jackie! kaya ko 'to! God is there to give me the wisdom that I need! :)

Blogging Dillema

I admit I love to write but sometimes I am too busy that I cannot do it anymore. I am aiming to complete a minimum of 25 blogs per month but considering my work I doubt it if I can really make it. The performance of my PC at home is not as fast (in fact, it's too far behind!) as Charter's Ultra60mbps Internet Speed that it cannot cope up the necessary speed that I need to complete my tasks.
However, I would like thank to Ate Grace who is always there to share her knowledge in blogging and gave me some tips. Because of her, I already have my EON card from Union Bank. Though I still need some tutorial about so many things I know that many fellow bloggers out there are very much willing to extend their help (thank you in advance). These are my goals for the first quarter:
1. more opps (through out the year! please give me some tips)
2. more post (geeee.. wish I have more time to do this)
3. own domain name (need to save more dollars for this)
4. more followers (count yourself please)
5. And..... OWN LAPTOP! (HP Brand or COMPAQ Presario Brand) so that I can extend my blogging beyond office hours!

Looks like too unrealistic? Aside from the fact that it's not wrong to set our goals, God knows my desire and my motivation.... With HIM nothing is impossible! (Calling all advertisers, God is calling you!)

God bless everyone! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

TT: Gift of Friendship

Pray for Denise & Eddie

I've been following Denise' blog lately and I learned that his husband went through some great challenges, a sort of a barometer of their  faith...When most of us were so overjoyed celebrating Christmas and New Year, these couple shared a different story. But that was more or less three weeks ago. God never leave them. Her lovebug is under therapy right now and I am asking you to please include them in your prayers.

In moment like this, it feels good to know that God lead us to the kind of people who are willing to walk an extra mile just to be with us in our adversities. This is one thing that we should be thankful for...

The Bible emphasizes the beauty of friendship.... In Proverbs 18:24 it says,

 24 A man of many companions may come to ruin,
       but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.


How about you, have you found the real people in your life?

I truly admire the kind of faith that these couple have... Please continue to pray for complete healing.
God bless...


Head on to Lynn for more of Thankful Thursday

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WFW: What's In Your Heart?

Each one of us has our desires in many form. Some of us might have a 5-year plan which is in preparation for their long-term goal, others might have just keep it short and of limited time. Whatever it is, the thing is that, it was impressed in your heart and it became your desire. Others might have the desire of earning more that's why they are working too hard for their promotions. For a student, his desire might be to pass the course with a flying colors! For parents, their desire is for the betterment of the whole family. There are so many other things that every individual has been keeping in their hearts.
The question now is that, whom do you consulted for the fulfillment of that desire? Your boss? your teacher? Elder? The Bible is very clear in targeting our desire... Before anything else, let us FIRST delight in God. How? By doing the things that He first impressed in our hearts when we first acknowledge Him and surrender our life back to Him. Share His Love.
God bless everyone. Have a blessed week ahead.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Purpose-Driven Life

God impressed something in my heart lately that I need to get His work done or get started? My apprehensions before were all gone. He gave me strength and confidence to reveal His kingdom among my colleagues and I am very thankful that we're able to successfully started the Core Values Formation Program last Tuesday and today with Ptr. John (thank you so much Pas) It is my prayer that the seeds that has been sown by Papas on their hearts will grow into what God desired it to be...
Looking forward to another blessed Tuesday next week! To God be the glory!

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