Thursday, February 3, 2011

Need Extra Income?

Who doesn't?

I know and I am thankful that God indeed provide all our needs. Apart from that, He also gave us the wisdom to find resources available that will help us augment our financial stability. Well, this is one thing that I want to suggest with you my dear readers, be resourceful. With the booming technology we have right now, we don't need to fall in line in order to get an extra job that we need to earn extra income. I am talking about extra here because I do assume that you are already employed and have enjoyed your current job. With just few clicks with your computer, you can actually find lots of online jobs available. However, based on my experience, some of the online jobs requires you to pay for their program, software and all before you can avail their services. Well, don't lose hope because not all are actually requiring such investments! Not bad, right? So allow me to introduce to you this Part Time Jobs | Data Entry Jobs | Earn Money | Online Work From Home | Part Time Jobs For Students This will allow you to earn $1,000-2,000 USD/month. No investment needed with free training.

Yes, you read it right! earning Money online doing Part Time Jobs is very feasible. 

Let's try it.

Picture Perfect 4: Another Pose

Here we are again... Another pose right after the Sunday service... Black dominates the scene hmm?

So, what are you waiting for? Show to me your Picture Perfect moments!

Picture Perfect

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WFW:John 15:10

"Obedience is better than sacrifice". This is a very popular quote next to "easier said than done". 

His Words is so powerful that if we failed to obey it,  we will be missing a lot in  this journey of life. We may take into consideration (which was often abused) the reality that we are all vulnerable to sin but we must not forget as well that God gave us that wisdom and discernment to think and differentiate the right from wrong. Obedience became a great struggle for every man. Why? Because in obedience, there is a great sacrifice that we need to hurdle. The sacrifice of being selfless and logical to the things that is right. 

Think about this:

IF you obey my commands, YOU will remain in my love... The word "IF" here connotes a condition that everyone of us must follow. Simple logic: IF we will not obey His commands, we will not remain in His love...

For the second thought, I firmly believe that God's love never fails but let us  NOT make it a reason to fail Him again and again...

We must learn how to obey God and His commands.

Minute Maid Got Me!

I cannot believe it I got the Commenter Winner Prize sponsored by Minute Maid. And the prize? Well, A ONE MONTH SUPPLY OF MINUTE MAID! Yepey! Perfect treat for this Heart season! It was very timely indeed because I felt like I really need lots of Vitamin C to get rid of these cough and cold dilemma (which I am still struggling right now). Thanks to Minute Maid and congratulations to the following:

for Pulped- up blog Awardees:

Ronald Delima of Journey of No FERA- Grand Prize Winner with P20, 000.00 Cash Prize.

Grace Marquez of Mommy on the Go-  1st Runner up with P 10, 000.00 Cash prize

Toph Ruiz of Toffeluck's Town- 2nd Runner up with P5,000.00 Cash prize

And for the Best Commenter (ehem!) goes to.... (drum roll!)



Oops, thanks to sister Kaye for informing me. She congratulated me on my FB wall and I was really surprised!

It's good to be natural in the way you act, speak and made comments, right?
 As natural as Minute Maid! 
A comment posted at Grace Marquez' blog ☺

 Thank God!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Graphics To Ponder...

Stumble Tumble Tuesday

Visit Simply Stacie's site to learn more
Hello there!

I stumbled upon a new way of discovering wonderful posts from fellow bloggers. I am still trying to capture the main idea somehow but I guess this is really a great way of knowing them well: Stumble Tumble Tuesday by Simply Stacie. Wanna know more about it? Visit her site! 

For this week, I'd like my fellow blogger to learn about the Thanksgiving Giveaways hosted by Pinay Mommy Online.

And now, i'm on my way to stumbling tumbling to other blogs... What a term!

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