Friday, January 3, 2014

Looking Forward to a Better Me

TGIF! But wait, I still have a lot of pending school activities. More workbooks to check, as well as blogs and blogs! LOL. On Monday, or rather NEXT WEEK, it's going to be a busy week for me. Well, I should worry less about it. Since I am now into 'building a better future' I woke up as early as 3:30AM, oops, actually it was my hubby who woke me up. I set my alarm at 4AM yet I just cannot waste another time anymore. When I got there, I thought I was the first but absolutely I was wrong. My hubby already told me that people started to fall in line for the priority number as early as 10PM on previous night. Gee, I can't imagine myself doing so. Anyway, after waiting for at most 4 hours, I was just given an appointment slip that will be scheduled on Tuesday. 
In the afternoon, I went to COMELEC to inquire about new Voter's ID with change status but according to them, I need to register again for the change status which means I still have to use my old voter's ID and will just support it with my Marriage Certificate. Before I went home I realized I need to have my toe nails done. I don't want to go back to my class with a chipped nails :-D
Anyway, looking forward to a better me! I claim it to God!

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking Forward to a Better Future #LeapOfFaith

In my effort to start my year really really right, I finally started doing the things that I should have done in 2013. I am in the business of realigning my priorities in life. I know God is with me, the wisdom came from Him. 

Anyway, I got this from a friend's FB Wall and I can truly relate much with it...

Photo: Good grief for 2014. :D

- Good Afternoon friends. ;))
 Gusto unta ko mag submit ug random numbers sa katong ga number games but we're not close man. :)

 School stuffs to be done ASAP. :D

Indeed there are things in our life that we used to take for granted. We only realize its importance when we are at the middle of predicament. Thus I often asked myself with this: Do I really have to go through hardship first before I will make my move? I know this is such a great leap of faith and I am trusting God that He will be with me throughout the way. 

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014 with a Blast!

First time to celebrate New Year without my immediate family. My Mom went to Bohol, and the three of us (my brother and his family and my other brother's family) welcome 2014 in our respective homes. As for me, I didn't cook anything and don't bother to ask me why LOL. What we had in our Media Noche is a lechon manok, liempo, chiffon cake, ice cream, bread and soft drinks. My brother dropped by and gave me macaroni salad and spaghetti. Unlike last Christmas where we are all together, welcoming new year by ourselves isn't that fun. Indeed, it made me realized that a motherless occasion isn't that cool after all. My Mom might probably spend her next Christmas in Winter Wonderland. I will surely miss her. That made me think that the reason why she wanted us all to be together in celebrating Christmas eve was because she will be leaving soon for USA where my little sister is eagerly waiting for her.

By the way, upon mentioning Bohol, I remember how devastated Boholanons were in some part of Bohol when their place was shaken with higher magnitude earthquake. And now as 2014 comes, a breaking news was spread that another earthquake with 5.5 magnitude hits Ilocos. Oh God spare us.

Maybe the best thing we can do is to pray harder. Let us not believe in predictions, fearless forecast made by fearless astrologer about any tragedy that our country will be facing. Let us learn how to condemn all those negative predictions. In Jesus' name!

We may welcome 2014 with a blast but such blast should be in the form of progress and development among us.

Cheers to a fully recovered Philippines!

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tips for a Happy Roommate Situation While at College

When you are looking for the best among available Murray State University housing, you are probably looking for a place that is close to the buildings you have the most classes in, a place that is within walking distance of important businesses, like grocery stores or your favorite restaurant, or a place that is filled with amenities. While all of these factors are extremely important, you want to ensure that you are able to be happy while you are at home. Getting along with your roommates might arguably be the most important factor about where you choose to live. Read on to garner some tips about having the best social relationships possible with those you will room with.

Roommate Match

The world of online dating has become an accepted social norm. Not only is it acceptable to date and even marry a person that you meet online, but it is actually a really good idea to check out. Many high-quality dating sites have grounded science behind the ‘matching’ part of the site, making the search for an appropriate mate a little easier. So, why all this talk about Internet dating, you ask? You are going to school, not looking to get hitched. The point is, you can take the same science of matching compatible people found in online dating and apply it to finding compatible roommates. Sound a little time consuming and confusing? Don’t worry; some housing complexes have this as a complimentary service. Bonus!

Living with Friends

When looking at Murray State University housing and your roommate situation, a good solution is to room with friends. You already know the personalities of your friends and know that you have similar interests and other things in common. However, no matter how much time you spend with someone and how much you get along, you will not know everything about a person until you live with them. Be prepared to learn more about your friends if you live with them. If you have any indication that they (or you) might clash about something, talk before moving in with each other and set some ground rules that everyone can agree on. It will help clarify expectations and make life happier.

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

In Dire Need Of Inspiration

I realized it's more than a week that I haven't written anything here. Actually, I have a lot of things in my mind but I just cannot put it into writing. I am totally disorganized, I mean all my thoughts. I am not into hiatus, I just can't find an inspiration to write. Or maybe because I was totally overwhelmed with my personal struggles against those people or this one person who keeps on bringing out the 'BEAST' in me (Oops, I did it again). I supposed to write about the CDO Bloggers' Night Thanksgiving Party but I truly miss it, not intentionally of course. I just thought that that maybe I could find the right time, when everything for me is already okay.

Anyway,it took me almost two hours before I was able to finish this post. And during those time in between, I edited a picture through PIZAP about the Family Christmas Gathering we had since 2010. I realized, I am not getting any younger anymore because my nephew and nieces are now much taller than me LOL. But merely looking at them in the pictures gives me a new inspiration that I should not let this one person to destroy all my positive energy. Wish I could get rid of him. I just don't know how and it's quite complicated.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Wonder of Being a Musician

Music soothe one's soul. Majority of us loves music. Music comes in many forms. There are music that we can hear through songs and music coming from the musical instrument alone. I love it when somebody sings with an accompaniment. Yes it is true that voice quality can be determined through an a capella rendition  but it is more enhanced when accompanied with instruments. I am totally impress to those individuals who can play musical instruments especially those instruments that seems too difficult to try like the saxophone. I guess it requires a lot of practice before one can master the art of playing saxophone. Those who played this kind of instrument maybe went through a formal training before they could perfect the timing and the melody as well. Maybe etude eas-100 student alto saxophone at music123 is a good instrument to use for those who are aspiring or those who are still beginners in taking up the saxophone lesson. And once they have enough skills and mastery in using the saxophone, it's going to be a great talent to behold. So, to all musicians out there, why not try this instrument? Musicians are supposedly versatile because that's the wonder of them (I supposed)

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