Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014 with a Blast!

First time to celebrate New Year without my immediate family. My Mom went to Bohol, and the three of us (my brother and his family and my other brother's family) welcome 2014 in our respective homes. As for me, I didn't cook anything and don't bother to ask me why LOL. What we had in our Media Noche is a lechon manok, liempo, chiffon cake, ice cream, bread and soft drinks. My brother dropped by and gave me macaroni salad and spaghetti. Unlike last Christmas where we are all together, welcoming new year by ourselves isn't that fun. Indeed, it made me realized that a motherless occasion isn't that cool after all. My Mom might probably spend her next Christmas in Winter Wonderland. I will surely miss her. That made me think that the reason why she wanted us all to be together in celebrating Christmas eve was because she will be leaving soon for USA where my little sister is eagerly waiting for her.

By the way, upon mentioning Bohol, I remember how devastated Boholanons were in some part of Bohol when their place was shaken with higher magnitude earthquake. And now as 2014 comes, a breaking news was spread that another earthquake with 5.5 magnitude hits Ilocos. Oh God spare us.

Maybe the best thing we can do is to pray harder. Let us not believe in predictions, fearless forecast made by fearless astrologer about any tragedy that our country will be facing. Let us learn how to condemn all those negative predictions. In Jesus' name!

We may welcome 2014 with a blast but such blast should be in the form of progress and development among us.

Cheers to a fully recovered Philippines!

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