Sunday, January 5, 2014

Family Dedication 2014

As a wife, I did a lot of lapses in 2013. As a Mom, I may have a satisfactory rating but still, I can feel that what I did in 2013 isn't worth commendable. Hubby and I disagree much on a lot of things. That was the year that I almost didn't recognize myself. I am not really sure if that was still part of our adjustment period. We are now on our third year and yet it seems like we barely know each other. Anyhow, I am still thankful that our fight really didn't last for long. I am the tiger and he is the silent prey/predator LOL. Oh well, honestly, I am looking forward to a harmonious life together and hopefully I could make it.

Annually,we do have a Family Dedication in our church where all families are rededicated back to God. You will really feel being renewed and it's a good year to start. In January 2011, it was just Hubby and me. In 2012, we have our first born already and this year, we have our second baby. I do believe that as the members of my family increases, so does God's blessings. Amen

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