Saturday, January 4, 2014

Spending Family Quality Time

They said family time is a quality time. I may not have that much in life for now, I may have a limited resources so far but I don't want to deprive my family from having a family time outside our home. Indeed, it is quite difficult to budget my income considering the growing needs of my babies yet I do not see it as a hindrance. As a Mom of two, I learn how to make both ends meet. It's a God-given wisdom I guess. If I will do the trial and balance of my expenses against my income, it's over drop, I mean, negative. But hey, life should be enjoyed. Once, twice at least I get to treat my family with a sumptuous meal somewhere else. So, along with our two babies, Hubby and I have Mang Inasal for lunch today. After buying my baby's needs, we chill for awhile with 1L ice cream at Gaisano Mall's Cool Zone. It was simple, yet it means a lot. For us couple, we really need such a time like this. As for me, bonding with my family is a worthwhile experience. I envy those family who get to have a family vacation during summer or holidays. I do not have that kind of luxury yet but I know someday we will and I will do it not because of envy, but because it is just the best thing to do.

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