Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking Forward to a Better Future #LeapOfFaith

In my effort to start my year really really right, I finally started doing the things that I should have done in 2013. I am in the business of realigning my priorities in life. I know God is with me, the wisdom came from Him. 

Anyway, I got this from a friend's FB Wall and I can truly relate much with it...

Photo: Good grief for 2014. :D

- Good Afternoon friends. ;))
 Gusto unta ko mag submit ug random numbers sa katong ga number games but we're not close man. :)

 School stuffs to be done ASAP. :D

Indeed there are things in our life that we used to take for granted. We only realize its importance when we are at the middle of predicament. Thus I often asked myself with this: Do I really have to go through hardship first before I will make my move? I know this is such a great leap of faith and I am trusting God that He will be with me throughout the way. 

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