Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tips for a Happy Roommate Situation While at College

When you are looking for the best among available Murray State University housing, you are probably looking for a place that is close to the buildings you have the most classes in, a place that is within walking distance of important businesses, like grocery stores or your favorite restaurant, or a place that is filled with amenities. While all of these factors are extremely important, you want to ensure that you are able to be happy while you are at home. Getting along with your roommates might arguably be the most important factor about where you choose to live. Read on to garner some tips about having the best social relationships possible with those you will room with.

Roommate Match

The world of online dating has become an accepted social norm. Not only is it acceptable to date and even marry a person that you meet online, but it is actually a really good idea to check out. Many high-quality dating sites have grounded science behind the ‘matching’ part of the site, making the search for an appropriate mate a little easier. So, why all this talk about Internet dating, you ask? You are going to school, not looking to get hitched. The point is, you can take the same science of matching compatible people found in online dating and apply it to finding compatible roommates. Sound a little time consuming and confusing? Don’t worry; some housing complexes have this as a complimentary service. Bonus!

Living with Friends

When looking at Murray State University housing and your roommate situation, a good solution is to room with friends. You already know the personalities of your friends and know that you have similar interests and other things in common. However, no matter how much time you spend with someone and how much you get along, you will not know everything about a person until you live with them. Be prepared to learn more about your friends if you live with them. If you have any indication that they (or you) might clash about something, talk before moving in with each other and set some ground rules that everyone can agree on. It will help clarify expectations and make life happier.

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