Friday, December 20, 2013

Introducing: Kataste Oyster Meat Sauce

so mouth watering!
image not mine

I am supposed to be with my co-bloggers this afternoon for a free lunch and a chance to taste the Kataste Oyster Meat Sauce, the first in Cagayan de Oro and certified home made to perfection but due to some immediate school activity, I wasn't able to go. Indeed, I missed one tasty lunch hosted by the Domingo's, the owner, and I missed to taste the said oyster meat sauce as well. I am quite interested about it because my Mom loves to cook with an oyster sauce and maybe I could introduce this new product to her especially that we'll be preparing for the Noche Buena next week. Well, I'm gonna watch for it in the store one of these days. Oh by the way, their products are also located in Nazareth fronting Lourdes School :)

Also, get to like their Facebook page for more info!

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