Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Best Gift for Christmas

My Mom asked me if I do have some Christmas decor at home and I said NO. She was surprised and quite dismayed. Well, I just told her the truth. I know I was acting like unmindful at all but really, I am not into decoration and besides, I have no sense of art for that area LOL! When I was still with my Mom, I used to assist her with the decoration but ever since I have my own family, I just can't find ways doing such thing which will surely take much of my time. Honestly, I love the sight of every home that is adorned with Christmas lights and other decors. I remember how my Mom skillfully arranged the Christmas balls on her makeshift Christmas tree. My Mom got an exceptional talent of turning an ordinary thing into an extra-ordinary one.
But Christmas isn't all about decors. Not even Christmas presents. However, we cannot deny the fact that in every Christmas, we always anticipate somebody to give us something during Christmas eve. We cannot also hide the truth that when that somebody failed to give us the anticipated gift, we felt bad. Funny, but it's true. We almost forget the humble beginning of Jesus Christ in the manger. In fact, we totally miss to remember that Christmas season isn't all about us, it's about Him supposedly. Well, one may contradict me by claiming that Jesus Christ was born for all of us, thus Christmas is all about us! Well, that's absolutely true. We are the reason why Jesus Christ was born. But it doesn't mean that we need to get the things that we want nor we need to receive the gifts that we love etc etc. Because His birth is enough gift for all of us. Jesus Christ is enough gift for us to receive. We want the best gift in life? Let's receive Him with all our heart, soul and mind!
As for me, I already received such beautiful gift couple of years ago yet I failed to keep that gift in my heart that is why it is best to keep on reminding ourselves over and over again that Jesus Christ is the best gift we could ever have no more no less. Other gifts are just material things that will be destroyed and soon will be forgotten when the season is over.

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