Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eyeing for Pandora's Earrings

My Christmas wishlist for this year goes longer and majority on my list are not actually for me but for my babies. I want an inflatable swimming pool for my eldest baby to play on together with his cousins. I also want complete collections of Barney DVD and Leap Frog because it was through these shows that my son learned his numbers and alphabet. As for my baby girl, I want a complete hair accessories for her short and thick hair. I also want a new shaver for my hubby who looks like one of those Arabians because of his mustaches.

Pandora Purple Fascinating Beauty Earring Charms
Pandora Purple Fascinating Beauty Earring Charms
The only thing that I want for myself this Christmas is a pair of Pandora earrings from Reeds.com to complement my new haircut. I love their purple earring. I love its shade. Do you think it really looks good with my new hairstyle?

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