Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dance to the Beat of Cajon

Are you familiar with cajon drums? At first, I thought it was just an ordinary drum but when a friend of mine started beating the cajon skillfully with his hands, wow it is simply amazing! The first time I encountered this instrument, I thought it was just a simple box intended for storage but my hubby told me it, indeed, was a musical instrument. I was even amused when he called it cajon because in our native dialect, cajon means box. I love the beat of cajon because it is not annoying to hear. My hubby told me that most tribal band uses cajon hand drum. I salute those who can play it skillfully. I love to dance to the beat of cajon!

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Dangling Ideas, Random Thoughts

I admit, I am a Mom with a hint of fashion sense but not at all times. There are days when I love wearing dangling accessories, but most of the time I just wear my favorite vintage watch and that's all. When I was still single,I spent an ample amount of time in fixing myself before going to my destination. But those days were gone.

If there are dangling accessories, there are also dangling ideas. These are ideas that just pop into your mind but won't linger. I have so many dangling or random ideas in my mind that can be a good subject to blog yet because I neglected to wrote it down, it simply vanish. I am always like that. Ideas keep pouring in but I was unable to express it. Just like the other day, I have a conversation with my hubby then suddenly an idea came in. However, it disappear as fast as it came. Another lesson for me.

There are lots of topic like current events that we can blog about however, any topic that is extracted from random thoughts can be juicier.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jetted Whirlpool Bath Tubs Are Revitalizing

A Jetted Whirlpool Tub is the perfect answer if you want to enjoy muscle and joint relaxation, melting away your stress, relaxing and toning therapeutic hydrothermo massage, effective low-impact therapy, maximum soaking, weightless suspension, and pure exhilaration as you rejuvenate your body and your spirit. 

You can get an extra deep corner model big enough for two people. It has a built-in seat and headrest, a hand shower and 14 Whirlpool Jets composed of four large hydro-massage jets, six customized directional whirlpool jets mounted on the bottom of the tub, and four ergonomically placed back jets. 

A 55-gallon space saving extra deep Whirlpool Jetted Bathtub for one person has wood trim, a headrest, a hand shower, seven large directional hydro-massage jets, an underwater light, a wood control panel, an easy clean system, and other features.

An extra deep Atom Jetted Whirlpool Bath Tub is in a modern style with luxury features. Included is hydro-massage jets and whirlpool jets, a built-in headrest and ergonomically placed lumbar back jets, a hand shower and has a white acrylic high gloss finish, which is stain and chemical resistant as well as being easy to clean. 

Visit to buy now or to ask for more details or to ask any questions in order to decide which Jetted Whirlpool Bath Tub would be perfect for your needs.

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Get The Lenovo IdeaTab A1000

I accompanied my Mom today to buy a new tab. After hours of shopping/finding the right tab with the best value, we finally found the one. It's the Lenovo IdeaTab A1000. It has call facility and it is just the right specs that my Mom needed the most because she wants to communicate with my sisters abroad anywhere and everywhere she will be.
 Lenovo is a trusted brand in computers and now with tablet and cellphones as well.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Essential Characteristics of Comedy

Comedy shows can be a fun and exciting event to go to with your friends after a long week of work, but you aren't going to enjoy yourself if you don't find any of the humor funny. It is extremely important to find a comedy show that has a reputation of making you laugh and having a good time. It can be hard to go on the search for the right comedy show; what exactly do you look for? Comedy shows such as Chocolate Sundaes Comedy have all the essential characteristics you need to look for in a show of humor. Learn about these different traits and you will be on your way to finding the best show in your local area. This way, you will have an amazing night out that you will never forget.

The Bizarre Situation

The first thing you need to search for in humorous comedy is that the comedian tells jokes that involve a very out-of-the-ordinary situation. What makes things humorous is when you recognize that something doesn't make sense, or that it is not likely that something good is going to come out of the circumstances. When the comedian starts with such a plot, you know you are going to have a good time.


Aside from the previous point, another great comedic point is a joke that is relatable to you. Don't you always find it funny when a joke is told about family life or office behavior? A joke that incorporates your thoughts and feelings into the set up or even the punch line will always get you rolling on the floor laughing.


Any good story or punch line begins with some sort of conflict that needs to be resolved. Otherwise, the audience finds the plot rather boring or uninteresting. Search for a comedian that discusses conflict that you can relate to or understand. You want to recognize the antagonist in the story so when it is resolved, you find it humorous.

These are just several characteristics you can find in a true comedic show that will leave you laughing for days. Don't hesitate to do further research or ask friends about other local shows you can attend. Shows such as Chocolate Sundaes Comedy can bring you real treat of an evening.

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

That Fatal Road Accident: What Should Be Done?

The latest news about the tragic accident involving Florida Trans Bus in Mt. Province that claimed 14 casualties including actor-comedian Alvin "Tado" Jimenez is an issue that concerns all about us, specifically those among us who commute through public vehicles. I know how it feels being in a vehicular accident cause I've been through it but that was in private vehicle. 

I might not be in the right position to question LTFRB about the legality of those buses and other public vehicles that adds up the traffic along the highways,but report said that the Florida Trans bus that claimed Tado's life and other passengers was not even registered. Question: How did it happen? There is not only one or two buses in operation that were found to be unregistered. Maybe it is high time for the LTFRB and other concerned government agencies to be vigilant in questioning those unregistered or perhaps expired franchise registration of those bus operators. 

I know nobody wants to be in an accident. But sometimes, accident is caused by human factor. The bus itself cannot speak for itself if it is no longer in good condition. Brake problems are the common reason of road accident. And maybe we all should be responsible in reminding those public utility vehicle owner/operator to have their vehicles checked from time to time to avoid another fatalities. Another thing, all drivers should go through a rigid assessment/evaluation before they will be given a license to drive.

Life is too precious to be wasted in just a vehicular accident.

Just saying.

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