Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hyundai: Getting Bigger and Greener

Hyundai: Getting Better and Greener

Have you known a car which can travel as far as 3, 147 kilometers for straight seven days and consumed only a total of 160.46 liters of diesel fuel? That is what we call fuel-efficiency. Hyundai got it with its new Hyundai Santa Fe R Diesel. It proved its worth to the recently concluded Global Green Challenge when they outperformed other contenders as to the performance and efficiency. The Eco challenge is indeed worth knowing and watching. How they were able to achieve it? Check all the videos on their YouTube Channel and be amazed on how they did it triumphantly.

The new Hyundai Santa Fe R Diesel has the following features which undoubtedly the very reason why it was able to outperformed other contenders.
GreenR - 27% more power and 7% less CO2 emissions*
*ADR 81/02 static laboratory urban cycle test for manual
SmartR - with push button start and safe reverse technology
LongR - up to 1,200km on a single tank
SafeR - 5 star ANCAP safety with rollover sensors*
*5 star ANCAP applies to all Santa Fe variants built from October 2009
StrongR - 27% more power and 10% less fuel consumption*
*ADR 81/02 static laboratory urban cycle test for manual

The over all feature of Hyundai Santa Fe R advocates the call for saving Mother Earth from global warming which resulted to a climate change. The Carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles contributed much to the unpredictable weather conditions.
Follow their journey and find out how the new Santa Fe R achieved its outstanding result, eventually claiming the prestigious SUV class of the Eco Challenge.
Don’t be the last to know, check their videos and see it yourself the latest of Hyundai SUV driving its way to stardom.

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