Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is Your Volkswagen Cool?

Way back in college, I am already fascinated with the Volkswagen Beetle and how it looks. I just find it so cute and feminine, though most users/owners are men. I cannot even believe its superb performance which really last for long. A good friend of mine own one in faded yellow color. The first time I get a ride with it was really unforgettable. As I was expecting for a cooler ambiance inside, I was a bit surprised when all I can feel is the heat. My friend then told me that the Air-conditioning System was busted. I really do not know about engine parts then so I just shrugged.

 It is only now that I learned that the Air-conditioning (AC) parts for any vehicle model like Volkswagen are replaceable.Volkswagen AC compressor , as they called it is available online at for a very reasonable price. They offered full line of Volkswagen AC parts. Even for the old models like the 1995 Volkswagen Beetle, its AC parts can still be ordered with free shipping. Its quality is fully tested and guaranteed to be of best quality. They even offer a full warranty. It is very easy to shop with them and ask for order and support through their toll free phone number.

 Maybe I need to share this to my friend who owned the Beetle so my favorite Volkswagen model will be back to the high way once again.

                       1995 Model (the same model to that friend of mine) I really find it cute.

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pareho ta ug opps...hehehehe

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