Monday, January 18, 2010

Overcoming Your Fear

There are things that we considered as dreadful to do, though, not true for everybody but only to a few who are afraid of that particular thing. Like myself, I really hate needle being injected through my veins, but I said to myself that I have to overcome that fear. That fear was brought about when I had my much-more-dreadful vehicular accident more than 4 years ago. Various needles were injected on my arms, from blood test to anti-tetanus and the last one was the PANTOLOC that was injected through the dextrose. Indeed that's the most painful physical experience that I had (aside from the actual accident). It haunted me, and I hate it.but need to overcome it and I successfully did. Last year I went through blood letting. At first I was really hesitant but my desire to overcome that fear overwhelms me. That was my first. Then I decided to undergo the same process for the next three months but I was not feeling well so it was postponed. Then today, finally, I got the chance to donate a blood again. (Thanks to mobile Red Cross team)

It was very timely because my colleague need a blood (of the same type) for his brother who is into a weekly dialysis because of his kidney. It feels good to be of help.
The best way to overcome your fear is to face it.

40cc per bag

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maritz said...

How about fear in Love? hahahahaha//

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