Thursday, January 21, 2010

When Love and Hate Collide at Haiti...

Barely one week ago, a destructive 7.0 magnitude earthquake shaken the world of Haiti turning the buildings into rubbles and killing a lot of people including Filipinos... That wrath has never ended yet because once again they were traumatically shaken  with a lesser magnitude of 6.1 causing the people to run to the streets fearing of being trapped again inside a building...

Not a good start for the year2010 for them. Haiti is believe to be the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere... Helpless Haitians were seeking for help. They have not yet recovered from the aftershock of the previous incidents and now the latest roar reminded them again.. Who can survive such a situation as this... Everything happens for a reason but sometimes that reason is beyond our comprehension.

Let's pray for them... God bless.

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GIOVANNI said...

Love hate nimo sya?

Jackeline Salva Cagas-Paraiso said...

hahahahahahah pagsure Pas oi..

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