Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Surrender

This has been a long week for me... I went through some ordeals that only God can understand. I'd been seeking for the real purpose of my existence. Partly, God revealed it to me. Little by little God unfolds His desire for me. But Satan never stops destructing me. He caused me to think negatively, to view life as quite unfair. I should be strong when I am on this kind of situation because the power of God is within me. I realized and I should do this before it will consumes me, to let go of all my my struggles in life (impatience, pessimism, too much sensitivity) Satan knows how I reacted on things that let me down. He took advantage on my weaknesses. But greater is He who is within me... God is my strength! I should not forget that.

I want to remind myself that it is God alone whom I can run to... I should surrender everything to His control... Lord here I am.

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maritz said...

See what faith can do for you..miss talking to u sis

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