Friday, May 28, 2010

PDF Queen Reigns Among Search Engine

Ahead of me are challenges that I know will test my patience, perseverance and determination. Beginning June 1, 2010, by the grace of God, I will be assigned as Executive Assistant to one of the highly respected officials in our school. The terms of reference of an Executive Assistant can be summarized into two words as GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Before this new task was entrusted to me, I am already trained on secretarial job being the nature of my present work. One particular task that I always encountered with is  pdf search and download. There are many PDF search Engine in the web, but there's one particular  PDF Search Engine  that I find really helpful, the PDF Queen. On this website, you can choose by your location or country to narrow down your searches. I tried to search for the Executive Assistant's Manual and I was so impressed with the result. Right after typing the phrase 'Executive Assistant's Manual' I was prompted with an option to choose the HTML version with the help of Google which automatically generates html versions of documents as the site will generate pdf results. The advantage of this was that while downloading the pdf copy, PDF Queen will provide us with the immediate result but in html version. If the PDF download is done we can save a copy of it.

Here's a snapshot of my experience with PDF Queen:

Perfect, right? PDF Queen indeed reign in the world of Search Engines.

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cuej said...

God bless u miss... we will miss u...wala nami ate awwww....wala nang taga pag defense na..puro nami offensive huhuhu..
to God be the Glory because He is using u for another level of your life.
We're just here sa office visit ka ha?
June 1,2010 is duol na..hours nalang ang bibilangin.. =) hehehe
kung naai muhawa..naman pud gi puli =) heheh

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