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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Without God I am Nothing...

Yes without Him I am nothing. God has proved it to me so many times... and He proved it again to me this time. When I was in the situation wherein I have no one to run to except Him. Again, God's answered to my prayer saved me when I found myself in a very awkward predicament... that if not because of His intervention, I do not know if where will I be right now.

I declared God's awesome goodness, His present help in time of needs...His faithfulness in my life is immeasurable... In spite of my unfaithfulness... my defiance... He loves me unconditionally...

To Him I bring back all the glory and honor!


  1. Excellent testimony, Word, and song video. Bear enjoyed them all and was encouraged. Thanks!

  2. Amen and Amen to that Sis! God is always Good and his Love and Mercy endures forever.

  3. A powerful testimony in a short number of words. Your praise and love for the Savior is so evident.

  4. yes,yes....i totally agree
    happy wfw


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