Monday, May 24, 2010

You Inspired Me...

Yes you read it right... YOU inspired me. By merely reading this post, you inspired me to write more. By writing your comment, you inspired me all the more. Writing has been my passion ever since my younger years. It is through this hobby that I could release all my tensions as well as my stress. It is through writing that I could express my thoughts and emotions when I have no enough courage and confidence to say it. This is how I communicate with my Mom when talking back is not an option. And this is also how she understood my feelings. Writing plays a very important role in my life.I can be of myself, I can really be who I really am. When things seems falling apart for me, pen and paper are my most trustworthy companion. They allow me to pour out my feelings and after that I can really be okay. I write because I am confident that someone will read it. I write because I know that someone will understand me without saying anything. I write because God gave me that passion and I write hoping that someone else will be inspired to do the same. 

I was also inspired to draw. I am not a professional artist but God designed me to have this passion as well... It is in my sketches that I find solace when I am drained from work. It is with this passion as well that I know God can use me mightily... 

I am an average writer... an average artist but God put an unexplainable contentment in my heart that being average on the talent that He gave means contentment on the simplicity of life that only Him can fill. After all, God is too wise to be mistaken. Thanks for inspiring me! God bless.

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Raven G. Duran said...

Yay ka ma'am!....Tsar, what can you expect from our computer teacher, hehe tsada jud imong blog ma'am, and haha, 1 year na diay ka ga-blog2x ma'am?...Ako bag-o pajud kaau ko, mga 1 month, and I need to learn and know many things, haha,

ma'am just 1 question, gi-unsa nimo pag "Pagerank 2" imong blog, bag-o paman sad gud ko anang SEO, so hehe can you help me,

by the way, mao ni akong under construction nga Blog for blogger tricks and tips

..........and murag ga-plano ko mupalit ug ".com" nag asle man murag tag P350 nman yata...hehe sge na ma'am tudloi ko giunsa nimo pagpa-dako sa imong pagerank...hehe


Chris said...

thanks for joining!

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