Thursday, May 20, 2010

SEO surely matters!

Most of us, if not all, hardly knew about search engine optimization and how it is done. I, for instance, I have difficulty in understanding about Search Engine Optimization. A friend told me that it is a way of getting your website on top of the list in the directory. An online friend of mine makes a bargain with me by exchanging links with her and put it on my sidebar to which I willingly comply. In return, I have this blog on top of the list if you gonna search for it. Although it didn't work on my two not-so-popular blogs.
What is the significance in getting your website on top of the list in a directory? Simple, your site will be the first choice among the many. If we can notice, once we will search for something and type it on any Search Engine, you will be directed to a Search Result page. Usually it runs up to multiple pages and it is a great advantage if the site you are trying to optimize is on the top of the first page. Well, it depends on the Search Engine. Based on my own experience, when I type the title of my blog, it is on top of the list based on the result secured by AVG (click the picture) but with google and yahoo, I got different results. 
When you are going to invest your site and to have a maximum optimization to any search engines,  you must bring this matter to a SEO specialist whom you can really trust.

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