Saturday, August 21, 2010

August Rush

Oops, isn't it a title of the movie? Whoever watch that movie, I'm pretty sure it's one of those unforgettable movie flicks. Well, I will not be writing about that movie...Rather, i'll be writing about the month itself.

August is such a busy month. It's the last month of the third quarter, to be followed by the "ber" months (I can now imagine the glitters and decos for the Holiday season).Anyway, just to refresh your memories on the History brought to you by

The month of August is named for the Roman Emperor Augustus. He completed the calendar reforms begun by his great-uncle and adoptive father Julius Caesar. The Roman Senate, in order to curry favor with the tyrant changed the name of the eighth month, (which is fitting because before he became Augustus, this Caesar was named Octavian). The name was changed from Sextilis which actually meant "sixth month". The eighth month had been called the sixth month for over a centuries, because the Roman Senate had rolled back the beginning of the year to January 1st in 153 B.C. but had not changed the names of the months to conform to their new position in the calendar.

I've known a lot of personalities born on this month and mind you, they're not just merely personalities, but they are those who are closer to my heart, they are my families! Most of them are from my spiritual family. We have there our co-bloggers, and I guess both of them were truly inspired aside from the fact that they're not getting any younger (oops!), that's arjay and joey and we also have two of my spiritual younger sister, the forever emotional Esther Joy and always pretty Hannah...
And also, today, August 21, 2010,marks another year of our beloved spiritual leader, Bishop Genesis T. Udang... God indeed blessed him so much. With a very supportive wife and obedient sons, and the soon-to be realization of their dream house. I am pretty sure that more blessings are coming along their way!

And of course, TOMORROW, August 22, 2010, is my one and only Mama's birthday! Some says I am her replica. Well, I don't want to disagree because she's convinced with it as well and SHE'S MY MOM, it's beyond reasonable doubt ☺ She might be unpredictable sometimes (just like me) but I knew and I can feel it how much she l♥ves me (hmmm...) We might argue on minor issues sometimes but in her her silence I know there is understanding... I love her so much, she knew that so well... My Mom, my Corazon... (mi amor!)

And on August 26, another very important person will celebrate his birthday, it's none other than my step dad, my dear Tatay. Once,  he gave up everything to the point of forgetting himself in the name of l♥ve. People may consider it wrong but I truly blessed the day Tatay came into our life. I know God brought him to us for a reason. I may seldom say this, but I love my Tatay so much.He filled what my real father failed to do... He played the role of the most important person in our home. He resume the obligation that was abandoned by the leading man :)

And finally, on August 30, 2010, will be the 10th birthday of my one and only nephew (as of now☺) I can't imagine how time flew so fast. We are now almost of the same height. Kuya, as I fondly called him, is our  eldest nephew, the eldest grand child of my parents. He is now in Grade IV- FL class. He is in resemblance of his father, really. He is a lot bigger now than this picture which was taken when he was still in second grade. What I admired most of my Kuya Reden is that he has the guts to perform on stage without forcing him... hmmm that's what I call determination. I thank God for keeping him safe always. I love my family so much. I may not be expressive about it but in my heart and in my mind, they are my treasures.

To arjay, joy2, joey, bishop bong, mama, tatay and kuya... MORE LIFE TO CHERISH, and more reasons to celebrate! God's overflowing blessings be upon you all. ♥♥♥

See, how August was gifted with such brilliant people? Not only that, Kagay-anons now are too busy as well with the upcoming fiesta celebration on the 28th.

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Joahna Vern said...

mmackie! I just saw this today..hehehe .sorry au.. but i truly appreciate it.. it may be too late, but still i wanna say thank you for including me on your post.. mwah! indeed you are close to my heart, too. :)

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