Saturday, August 28, 2010

Online Cultural Writing Workshop

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I was privilege enough to grab this opportunity being one of the delegates sponsored by National Commission for the Culture and the Arts. This 2-day workshop aims to acquaint us with the use of the internet in bringing information to the people and promoting the Filipino cultures to the whole wide web. More or less 30 million Filipinos have accessed to the internet. However, not all were able to maximize the benefits that the internet can give. Some were just particulars in researching, socializing,and getting juicy news from the famous celebrities. Though, there are some who cares about the latest news updates that concerning the whole wide world. One of the latest breaking news so far was the recent hostage drama that took place on the fateful Monday of August 23, 2010 which enrage the Hongkong government as well as Chinese communities. If we check the online news, a feeling of disgust, dismayed, disappointments (and all other synonyms you could think of) were evident on the face of those who were interviewed.  Good thing the famous Jackie Chan sent the message to his fellowmen emphasizing that such incident is an isolated case. The response of the people depends on the writers' (both online and print ads) style of delivering/capturing the news. Some were provocative while others were just being informative. For this case,writers should be responsible enough.
But that's not the main topic of  our workshop. We were just taught on how to be responsible when it comes to journalism, printed or online.

The most challenging so far was the web page designing...
Well, got to study harder...

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