Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lie... Lie... Lie....

Call me ugly, call me fat but never call me anything that does not hold true about me... One more thing, never judge me just because I made a simple honest mistake... If I did something wrong and I felt guilty about it, I will not make any violent reaction. To remain silent is much more justifiable than give alibis in defending yourself. HOWEVER, if the accusation was pure lie, that's another story. To rebut is not wrong as long as your intention is just to erase the judgment that some people may throw against you. To remain silent about it will only made you appear to be really guilty of the things you never did. That should not be the case, whatsoever. God told me to be humble always no matter what. But I believe that God gave me wisdom to correct what is needed to be corrected and to prove the wrong things that they thought about me. If I'll just keep silent, what would be the implication? They will just continue to believe what they thought I really am. I cannot allow that to happen. Sometimes, we just have to defend ourselves not just by actions, but by words as well. But of course, we need to do that in a manner that is not offending to them, or else, all your labor and effort will be in vain...

Lord, I am not doing this because I have something to brag (I knew I have nothing to brag about) but I am doing this to keep them reminded that NOT AT  ALL TIMES they are on the right reason even if they thought they were... and that they need to be corrected because human as they are, the fact remains that they are not perfect... And also for them to realize that we are not invincible from pain and depression. 

Duh! what a day!

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