Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Domino Effect Of Sin

We heard it often and we heard it right that banana tree will always bears a banana fruit, and a mango tree will always bears a mango fruit and so on and so forth... whatever is the tree it shall bear its own the same fruit! Well, of course! However, we cannot be likened to a fruit that whatever is our roots, so shall we as what most of us were insisting. Meaning, if our ancestors bears a sin then most likely, we can inherit such sin... That's the Domino Effect of sin, so to speak. It might hold true to some but we can avoid that if we really want to. The truth is, it's a cursed that we need to bind and put to STOP.

Divorce is the most common cursed that was passed on from generation to generation... I've been through that ordeal with my parents. they might not be legally separated but it already happened. Though, it's not the case of my grand parents, but some of my relatives were on the same situation. This is one thing that I really want to STOP. It cannot, should not and must not happen to me and even for my generation to come.

The domino effect of sin is just a hallucination to one's corrupted mind. We can do something to stop it. As long we have God, NOTHING and absolutely NOTHING is impossible!

God bless everyone!  ♥

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