Monday, February 6, 2012

I've Got A New Job!

I have a new job... 

However, this job does not pays me a daily wage. But I was required to work overtime, with no Night Differentials. I need to give all my effort, my precious time and above all my dedication.I was not compensated yet I willingly took this job with all my heart. 

I found joy in taking this job. I may have sleepless nights, I might be tired all day long but still I really love this job. 

I am not alone with this kind of job. I knew a lot of people who also took the same challenge and like me, they also love it very much. Until now, I can still hear testimonies of how they were able to get through this kind of job, how their patience were being tested... That despite those hardships that they've been through, they can still find real joy and fulfillment.

Yes indeed, MOTHERHOOD is a kind of job that will shape you into a kind of woman that you ought to be.

I love the feeling! How about you?

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