Monday, February 13, 2012

O, C'mon... Give Me A Break!

My sleeping patterns lately really changed a lot. I am not having an insomnia (as what I used to have when I was still single). I just have to wake up at the wee hour in the morning to attend my baby's needs... It was really so difficult at first but as time went by, I gradually adjusted to my new role as a Mom. My baby is pretty nocturnal LOL! He wakes up between 2 to 3AM then between 5-6AM. He sleeps a lot either in the morning or in the afternoon. It's unpredictable. As a newbie Mom, I still have to learn a lot of things... Yeah those basic things that I failed to learn when I was still single like cooking (sigh). When you're having a breastfeed you easily get hungry but I feed my baby in formula too, and somehow it helps especially for a working Mom like me. But honestly, I don't wanna go back to work anymore. All I want is to take care of my baby personally... I just miss my boy every time I am away from him (just like now)... I did not go back to work yet, I just attend to my evening classes every Monday and Tuesday. I am still undecided as to when will I officially go back to my regular 8-5PM job. Me and my Hubby can't still made up our mind as to whom will we entrust the care of our baby while we are both working. We can't afford yet to hire a baby sitter and we just cannot simply trust anyone nowadays especially that our baby is still less than a month old. I really wanted to be a hands-on Mom but I just need to go back to work. I plan to concentrate teaching by next semester so I could choose to have a class schedule on the afternoon and I could be with my baby in the evening up to the morning. I'm also praying to be successful with my online job endeavor. My blogging career really helps us a lot especially now that I have no income with the NO WORK, NO PAY policy in our school. That's the bad side if you are not a regular employee, you won't get any benefits at all. But we are still thankful to God for sustaining us. I just hope Social Spark will give me more opportunity. I have 4 leads today hoping to get it approved by tomorrow so I could work it out. I am also praying for more Direct Advertisers to notice this blog so they could give me a tasks as well... All it takes is patience, yeah, but sometimes when you are quite desperate enough you will really need to make a triple effort just to have their attention. I used to send emails to lots of DA's shared by my other co-bloggers. However, it seems like I was already forgotten or dropped on their list perhaps because it was more than two weeks that I wasn't able to get online since I gave birth. P A G I N G Direct Advertisers - O come on, GIVE ME A BREAK! LOL... 
Well, who knows, tomorrow or the next day around, my prayers will be answered... (I could only cross my fingers for now:)

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