Friday, September 7, 2012

I Want To Get Rich!

Yes it is true and I want it so bad!

Too ambitious thinking for a part-time teacher like me. But I am serious, I really want to get rich. But this desire is not out of selfish interest, it is for my son, and for his brighter future... and for the security of my own family as well. I also want to help my family ( my parents, siblings and nieces and nephew). I want to share my blessing whenever I get rich.

That is why I signed up with AMWAY Philippines because I believe in their promises. I knew I am in the right track because I am with the right vehicle. I want to run a business of my own, a business which would give me an assurance of peace of mind and stress-free life.

I am fed up with the kind of life wherein you are scared of what tomorrow will bring. I don't want to stay up late at night just because I am bothered with the thought of living a day with an empty stomach. This is the kind of life that I dreaded the most. I don't want to wake up one day with no food to serve on the table, I do not want to wake up one day being scared to death because I do not have money to go to a doctor when any of my family get ill- God forbid!

May God bless all my endeavor. 

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