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Sunday, September 9, 2012

BPC 253/366: My Wonderful Gift

Last year, I was praying for a healthy baby as my birthday gift and indeed it was granted to me by God. For my 31st birthday today, I want a better future for my baby- may God grant it to me as well. Yes, I am now 31 (I just can't believe it I am way beyond the calendar days right now- LOL). I've been through a lot (as always been) but by His grace I was able to survive (of course with the help of my hubby). 
Jeush Gregory @ 7 months
When you became a Mom, your priorities changed. It is no longer me who is the center of attention, my son took THE CROWN from me. How I love him so much. now that he is getting bigger and he could already respond well every time you cuddled him, the feeling of joy was immeasurable. I might have sleepless nights but it doesn't matter to me anymore as long as it is for my baby I am very much willing to do anything for him. He is God's wonderful gift to me and I will always cherish him for the rest of my life. :)

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  1. Happy birthday Momi Jackie...Jeush indeed! is growing so fast and before you know it he will walk, run and talk :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  2. Happy Bday sis Jackie! bata pa ka oi.. ako gani mag 34 na. =D

    from BPC

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Jackie! May you wishes come true...well for sure it will be as there is no impossible in Him.

    BPC hop here
    Chie of A Wife Online

  4. Happy birthday sis! A son is a precious gift! Yours is just as wonderful!

    BPC hop!

  5. Belated happy birthday and may all your wish be granted.

    Late BPC hopping!


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