Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why I Hardly Sleep?

If I will be asked to find somebody who cannot live a day without coffee, I wil surely point no less than my very own self. I am a certified coffeeholic (my term for coffee addiction). I'm into brown coffee,  I just so love it and there's only one brand of its kind that I really love he most (better not mention it here though).
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And so yesterday afternoon, in the middle of my class, I left my student while doing their project to have a sip of brown coffee (with bread). I was just so sleepy that I want hot coffee to perk me up. And guess what? I was able to consumed TWO CUPS! err MUGS it's not really unusual to me but it was taken simultaneously. My colleague told me that it has an effect to me and I might be suffering from it. I just completely ignore what she said by telling here that I am used of doing it. Then later that afternoon, I felt like eating "isaw" so I have a bottle of softdrinks to complete my meal. I then realized, I do have lots of caffeine intake for the day. 

And true enough, it has an effect on me: I CANNOT SLEEP! yes, I really find it hard to sleep last night. I read my Amway Product Catalogue in order to drain my eyes but still it doesn't work. If I were to measure the total number of hours where I have an interrupted sleep, it might be just within two hours!

Now, I felt the need to cut down my coffee intake. Or at least I shouldn't have took it simultaneously :( 

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Right this moment, I'm feeling groggy while having my class...

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