Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WFW:How Firm Is Your "NO!"?

The mindset of the younger generations now are greatly affected with the   fast development of technology. It influences their lifestyle, their decisions and their priorities. If we are going to compare the youth today from yesterday, we can say that there is really a broader generation gap that one may likely to fall if not given enough attention.

But hey, it's not only the younger generation who were severely affected with the rise of high technology. Even the older ones who are very much open and could easily adapt to the great changes are also one of the primary targets. In some cases, a family relationship could be endangered because of the communication barriers caused by technology. Family talks and family bonding were lessen because the kids were glued to the internet. Or worst, Mom do not have any idea anymore of what's going on with her kids because she's so into social networking, chatting some old or newly found friends. Dad got the same dilemma because he is too busy upgrading his customized PC and so much alike situations. I am not saying that technologies are bad. But how it affects you is what I am trying to emphasize here. We gradually become too overwhelmed with what technologies have brought forth to us that we become comfortable with it. If you notice that your life becomes a slave to technology and your world already revolves around it always waiting on what's the latest design and all, then learn to say NO while you still can. NO to bad influences, NO to worldly passion. 

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